Alan P. Haskvitz

Alan Paul Haskvitz has spent over twenty years in the
classroom. He has taught at Suzanne Middle School in Walnut, California
for over a decade. In his first year at this school, the students’
standardized state test scores were at the 22nd percentile level. By
using his methods and curriculum, student test scores went into the 94
percentile, the largest gain in history.

Haskvitz has credentials to teach English, history, social studies,
special education, gifted education, journalism, business and
administration. His students routinely engage in activities that utilize
their learning. They have a “Feed the Homeless” garden that utilizes
all recycled materials and water. They prepare a daily newsletter, On
the Day You were Born, for the the local maternity wards. They have
drafted and had passed state laws, rewritten and had accepted the voting
poll rules for the County of Los Angeles and devised a plan to save 23
million gallons of water a year for their community. Haskvitz’s students
have also developed plans that ended graffiti in schools and the
community, sponsored seeing eye dogs and educated the public about the
history of their community.

Haskvitz is one of the few teachers in America who has served as a
city commissioner and worked as a volunteer in two cities — where he
lives and where he works. His students have corresponded with world
leaders on matters of concern as divergent as the Queen of England and
General Noriega. Haskvitz’s students have won national championships in
art, basketball, essay writing, community service, and preserving the
environment. Haskvitz has coached all major sports and his girl’s team
won both national and international tournaments.


Memorial University/LaVerne University, Pre-doctoral work

California State (CSU) Master of Arts in American Studies

Memorial University, Bachelor of Education

California State, Bachelor of Science, journalism and business

Chaffey Junior College, Associate of Arts

Special Recognition

Class website project represented the US in the international finals held in Rome, Italy
1987, 1997, 2009 – Golden Bell Award from California School Board Association
USA Today All American Teacher

Future City Competition – 3rd place

National Exemplary Middle School Teacher and Social Studies Curriculum, National Council for the Social Sciences (NCSS)

Professional Best Teacher, Learning Magazine

Hero in Education, Reader’s Digest

Campbell’s Best Teachers in America

Outstanding Social Studies Program (Los Angeles County and California)

Audubon Society Outstanding Program Award

National Wildlife Association Award

President’s Award for Environmental Education

Washington Medal, National Teacher Award, Freedom Foundation

Christa McAuliffe National Award

Robert Cherry International Award for Great Teachers

California Agriculture Teacher of the Year

Spirits of Education Award, National Broadcasting Company

CSU 50th Anniversary distinguished Alumni Award

National Bicentennial Award

National Highway Safety Award

Chaffey College and Chaffee High School Distinguished Alumnus Award