For her outstanding contributions as a second and special education teacher, Pat is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by James T. Walters and Bill Buell of Topeka, Kansas.

According to James and Bill:

“Alice “Pat” Mitchell Walters began her teaching career at Highland Park High School in 1954 as an English teacher. From the beginning, students sensed that she was a friend and a resource for help and understanding. Students with special needs were accepted as openly as the star students who breezed through the curriculum. Her efforts in bringing success to all students endeared Pat to everyone. In 1961, Pat was asked to form a classroom for mentally ill adolescents on the closed wards of Topeka State Hospital. This became Capital City High School. In 1982, Pat was asked to lead the educational unit in the Diagnostic and Evaluation Unit at Stormont Vail Medical Psychiatric Ward. She continued in that position until her retirement in 1992. Through her work with hospitalized and homebound students, Pat was instrumental in assisting many students to complete their education. Friendships continue today!”

Pat was in education for 30 years.