For her outstanding contributions as a teacher who taught all grade levels, Alma is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Lloyd Wiseman of Hutchinson, Kansas.

According to Lloyd:

“Alma Means Wiseman was always proud to be a teacher. As she was growing up her father had told her often, “Get a good education like your mother.” Since her mother had attended Sterling College and became a math teacher, it was only natural that Alma, her sister, and three brothers would also attend Sterling College and become teachers. When Alma graduated from Viola High School in 1944, she was able to teach the next year with an emergency certificate, obtained with eight hours of credit from summer school because of the war. Her first school was a one room rural school in Sumner County called Pleasant Hill. The challenge there was to help her seventh and eighth grade students study to pass the county exams. The majority of her teaching was at Haven High School teaching home economics for 26 years. During this time she organized a Future Homemakers of America Chapter. Mrs. Wiseman organized regular moneymaking projects for the FHA Chapter so that more members could go to state and national meetings. She was proud to have a lifetime teaching certificate and proud of her many students.”

Alma began her teaching career in a one-room schoolhouse and continued to teach for thirty-one years before retiring in 1992. She taught all grade levels in various schools in Eastern Kansas.