8th grade Earth and Space Science, Brittany Hill Middle School,
Blue Springs, Missouri

Total years as a classroom teacher: 28


University of Central Missouri M.S. Education 1984
University of Central Missouri B.S. Education 1980

Teaching Experience

1995-present 8th grade Earth and Space Science, Brittany Hill Middle School, Blue Springs, MO
1994- 1995 8th grade Earth and Space Science, Georgeff-Baker Junior High, Blue Springs, MO
1985 – 1994 9th-12th grade Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry and Physical Science, Holden High School, Holden, MO

Special Recognition

2006 & 2008 Missouri STARR (Select Teacher As Regional Resource) Teacher

2000 Disney “All American Teacher” Award

2000 Beyond Excellence Award, Blue Springs School District

Mrs. Vernon has a Golden Rule for teaching: Create the classroom that I would want to learn and grow in every day.

Mrs. Vernon’s formula for success is found in colorful, plastic letters on the blackboard in the front of her room: “WE ARE MAKING MEMORIES.” This is a daily reminder of the purpose of working together in a classroom—that becoming smarter is a process that everyone works toward, bit by bit, every single day.

Recent Media:


“Beth’s class is indeed a ‘stage’ for a learning production. Each year, each unit, each lesson is planned out with precision yet allows for flexibility to optimize learning. She balances novelty with routines—from the ring of her bell for an insightful comment to her class-wide response mechanisms—each classroom dynamic has a procedure to enhance learning. Beth’s niche is discovering what ‘bait’ will help draw the students in and then creating a thirst for pondering a relevant issue while using their natural curiosity to guide their learning.”

Dallas Truex, Brittany Hill Middle School Principal

“Beth’s goal is to create a learning environment that motivates kids and makes them use their ‘Thinking Caps.’ She is an extraordinary teacher. She continues to motivate students daily and encourages them to reach their thinking potential using all the concepts of differentiated learning”

Rose Farris, a colleague at Brittany Hill Middle School

“Ms. Vernon touches the lives of her students with her one-of-a-kind approach, never settles for ‘enough’ and constantly creates innovative and pioneering methods to reach students”

Megan Clark, MD, a former student