For his outstanding contribution as an Indian High Commissioner, Bhagwan Signh is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Shirley Naples of Detroit, Michigan.

According to Shirley:

Bwagwan Singh was an Indian High Commissioner by occupation, but was ‘teacher’ for most of his life. He served on many boards of village schools and had direct contact with the children he served. He was important to me and was my ‘Indian Father’ after I lost my own father. He traveled a long way to be at many of my family events, including my daughters’ weddings. He was very proud of me and of my induction into the Hall of Fame. Each time I saw him, he had a small token for me to mark my induction.

One of my favorite memories of him comes from a village school for Muslims – he was Hindu. He served on the board and financially supported this school, which educated both boys and girls (similar schools usually only educated boys). He sat next to me on a wooden platform in a tent, with bright red and green lights illuminating the stage. Children brought us garlands of flowers and sang and danced for us as a finish of their school year. I lost Bhagwan to death in 1996. I will miss him as my teacher.