For her outstanding contributions as a ninth through twelfth grade teacher, Bobbie is recognized on the Donor’s Wall of Fame by her friends of USD260.

Bobbie Evans is the ideal person to be included in the National Teachers Hall of Fame.  She is a professional educator who constantly demonstrates her dedication to the young people of Derby USD 260.  Bobbie has been a business teacher at Derby High School for twenty-four years.

As the sponsor of the Derby High School Student Council, she is an avid supporter of all things good and worthwhile for the generation of youth that will become the leaders of tomorrow.  Once She identifies something she deems worth sharing, she knows exactly how to make it happen.  Ten years ago she decided that all her Student Council members should experience the National Student council Conference.  She couldn’t take all her Student Council members to the conference, so she decided to bring the conference to them.  That was her life-long dream, and one of her strengths lies in the ability to have a dream and make it come true.  She was determined to share the excitement and allure of a national conference with all the youth of Derby Senior High.  She did share that valued experiences with the students of Derby Senior High and at the same time became a became a great ambassador for the City of Derby.  she shared her dream with every organization in Derby.  Everyone knew the value and excitement of having the conference there.  She asked for our help, and her excitement was contagious.  Derby, too, became excited and helped her organized a highly successful Student Council Conference for the youth of Derby, the United States, and several foreign countries. 

Bobbie is certainly a special teacher who touches the lives of our youth in the classroom and the world in which they live.