For her outstanding accomplishments as a grade school teacher, Carmen is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Kenneth D. Rupe of Wichita, Kansas.

According to Kenneth:

Hinda Carmen Vandivort graduated from Bunker Hill grade School about the year 1910.  She graduated from Admire High School in 1914 or 1915.  Carmen earned a teacher’s county certificate from the Kansas Normal School in Emporia, Kansas on July 15, 1916.  Miss Carmen Vandivort married Herbert A. Rupe, also from Admire, Kansas, on September 4, 1918 in Boulder, Colorado, where Herbert Rupe was stationed in the U.S. Army during World War I.  This teacher was special to me as a mother who passed away in 1988 in Wichita, Kansas.

Carmen taught all grades in a one-room school house in Bushong and Admire, Kansas.  Carmen taught for two years, 1916 and 1917.