For his outstanding contributions as a Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy teacher Carroll is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Pat and Ted Walters.

Carroll Gene Sprague was a motivator determined to make the world a better pace for children and their families. He has a creative mind and viewed problem solving as a way of life. Carroll was a loving and kind person who provided a safe, strong refuge and support for all who knew him. These qualities helped Carroll become a very successful and much loved educator everywhere he worked.

Carroll was an innovator who led his cohorts into new fields such as computers, book writing and binding, development of computer software, and faculty in-service programs. He was in the vanguard in developing the use of computers for record keeping and other time consuming tasks. He promoted the use of computers for graphics and publishing, using the skills to teach and promote creative writing. Pride and self-esteem blossomed under Carroll’s tutelage and children and adults became more productive.

A brilliant man, Sprague enjoyed and taught chess, Bridge, and creative problem solving to enrich the learning of students. Carroll’s love for children, his ready laugh, and his consistent smile brightened the world for all. His legacy will be ever effective and everlasting.

Carroll Gene Sprague truly was a Hall of Fame teacher and a friend to education.