We would like to welcome the newest inductees into the Hall of Fame. These five educators are what we are all about!!!! Congratulations and Welcome! Follow the links next to their names to see local coverage and images of their announcement ceremonies.

AldersonJan Alderson is a 45 year educator focusing on Biology, Anatomy and Physiology from Shawnee Mission South High School in Overland Park, Kansas. We welcome you into the National Teachers Hall of Fame!






Cynthia Couchman is a 23 year mathematics instructor from Buhler High School, in Buhler, Kansas. We welcome you into the National Teachers Hall of Fame!






Marguerite Izzo is a 26 year educator of ELA and Social Studies from Davison Avenue Intermediate School in Lynbrook, New York. We welcome you into the National Teachers Hall of Fame!




Koppelman Gary Koppelman is a 40 year educator of Mathematics, Science and Writing from Blissfield Community Schools in Blissfield, Michigan. We welcome you into National Teachers Hall of Fame!






Rebecca Palacios is a 34 year educator of Early Childhood education (retired) in Corpus Christi, TX. We welcome you into the National Teachers Hall of Fame!






“This year was one of the hardest to narrow down to Five.” Said one of the selection committee members. “All of the applications were great.” We would like to congratulate all of our semi-finalist and finalists for their submission and encourage you to try again.



Flags are placed for cutting out the land to begin the Memorial for Fallen Educators
Flags are placed for cutting out the land to begin the Memorial for Fallen Educators

Flag day has a new meaning for the National Teachers Hall of Fame. On March 10th little pink flags were placed at the corner of 18th and Merchant, next to the one room school house, to mark the dig site for the Memorial to Fallen Educators. Excitement can be felt in the office, as we know this is the first step in a long anticipated process. Between now and the June 12th dedication, land will be excavated, concrete poured, stone and marble will be placed, wiring run, tears shed, and money raised to complete the important project honoring heroes that have giving their lives in the line of duty. Although we have raised enough to begin this project we are still short about $150,000 of our goal to complete and maintain this memorial. Any amount will help us complete this dream. If you would like to help with a donation please click here.

Frank Hall
Frank Hall

Today we would like to take some time to salute Frank Hall. As we continue to our goal of $300,000 to build our Memorial to Fallen Educators, it is inspiring to hear stories of survivors. Please take some time to watch the 60 Minutes segment about this great teacher. Here are a few of our favorite quotes from this story…

“He acted as a father.”

“School shootings are a fact of life? We need to take a stand against this.”

“I’m not a hero, just a football coach and homeroom teacher.”

Thank you Frank Hall for your dedication to your students. Keep up the great work.

We are proud to announce that the Memorial for Fallen Educators will be dedicated on June 12, 2014 at Emporia State University. So far of the $300,000 needed to complete the memorial we have raised $140,000. Please keep those donations coming. No amount is too small and all amounts go to building a memorial honoring Fallen Educators. Want to know more please contact NTHF or donate now with PayPal by clicking the button below.



Every year, more and more applications are received for the honor of being placed in the National Teachers Hall of Fame. This year the local committee had to be called in to help narrow the field. They spent about a week with all of the applications and made the hard choices as who to pass on to the semi-finalist. One member of the committee stated that “it was so hard! There were so many good ones!” The 20 semifinalists have been notified of the next step in the process.  We would like to thank all of the applicants for their submissions. Please remember that it is more than an honor to be nominated. It means you changed someones life so much that they believe you should be in the Hall of Fame. As for those semifinalists…good luck in the next step.