For her outstanding contributions as a junior high and high school teacher, Cheryl is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Ryan Schneider of Botkins, Ohio.

Mrs. Fark is the most caring and understanding teacher I have ever had.  She always inspired me to do my best and was always one of my greatest supporters.  She taught me much about the English language, but even more she taught me about truth and integrity.  Mrs. Fark always expected the best from me, and she always gave one hundred percent of herself.  She encouraged me when I was ready to give up and she always was willing to listen to problems and concerns.  Mrs. Fark will always have an impact on me because of the wonderful person she is. 

Cheryl Fark has taught seventh through twelfth grades for twenty-seven years.  She teaches at Botkins Local School in Botkins, Ohio.