For her outstanding contributions as a first grade teacher, Christine is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Butchers Children’s School PTO.

Christine Warner has been a teacher for 31 years.  She taught at Butcher Children’s School from 1995-2003.  In addition to teaching 1st grade she has also taught Kindergarten, 2nd, and 5th grades during her extensive career as an elementary school teacher.

Here is what the PTO had to say about Christine Warner.  Chris Warner is a perfect first grade teacher.  She encourages learning in a very nurturing way.  She loves her students, and they know it, which makes first grade a positive experience for them.  Mrs. Warner successfully bridges the road from kindergarten to first grade for the students.  This transition is not always easy, but she makes the change natural for the students.  As one parent says, “Mrs. Warner makes learning fun.” And by doing that, she teaches her students to love learning.  Christ Warner is a wonderful teacher.  One of her colleagues described her by saying, “She is one of the best teacher I’ve ever seen.”  That says it all.