Darrell  Woods

Science/Physics, Grades 11-12, North Canton Hoover High School
North Canton, Ohio

Total years as a classroom teacher: 25


1985 University of Akron M.S.
1983 Walsh University B.S.

Teaching Experience


Grades 11-12, Hoover High School, North Canton, Ohio


Grades 11-12, Jackson High School, Massillon, Ohio


Grades 11-12, St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Louisville, Ohio

Special Recognition


Walsh University Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award


Today All-USA Teacher Team


Disney Award


Presidential Award for Excellence in Math/Science Teaching


Great Lakes Science Center WOW Award


National Board Certification in Science for AYA


Jackson High School Teacher of the Year

  • Mr. Woods believes the unity of any team is seen when the students
    share goals and failures, when they care enough to listen to each other,
    or even when they laugh spontaneously for no “scientific” reason. When
    each student feels self-worth, the potential that can be achieved
    reaches beyond what was previously believed possible. Taking the time to
    actively listen to these young people and their concerns about what is
    happening around them, he says makes his role even easier.  
  • Mr. Woods believes that we [educators] must challenge ourselves to
    be the best we can, holding ourselves to higher standards than anyone
    else expects of us, and then expecting the same of our students and
    colleagues. No teaching certificate or college transcript can make us
    “highly qualified.” No multi-million dollar school building or
    technology lab can create the perfect environment for learning. It is
    the heart and soul of a passionate teacher, someone who truly believes
    he can impact the lives of his students, that makes a teacher great.


“The first thing that students say about Mr. Woods is that
he is not like other teachers. I believe it is because he has found a
simple secret to teaching: he gives students precisely what they need.
It is important to note that this is not simply whatever the students
ask for, but what will give them the best learning experience. Mr. Woods
never ‘lectured.’ He ‘interacted.’ Knowledge was never force-fed in his
class, but offered, in an energetic dialogue with cool,
thought-provoking examples. That’s right. My teacher was cool, and I
learned stuff.”

David Benedetto, Former Student

 “Mr. Woods gave opportunities, skills, and guidance through the
process of team projects. He showed the importance of being able to
work well in an environment where we might have been otherwise
uncomfortable or where we might have been unknown to those around us. He
taught that regardless of what task is put in front of us; there are
times that we will come across that which will require us to step
outside the box. When that happens he taught us that this is okay. He
instilled in us the knowledge that we have the skills and the ability to
do it; we just need to trust ourselves.”

Michaele Watts, Former Student