For her outstanding contributions as an educator, Donna is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Larry and Sherry DeWitt of Madison, Kansas.

Donna DeWitt Clark is a very special relative (sister and sister-in-law) that has taught as a reading specialist for thirty-one years, and has touched the lives of children in five states. 

She has taught the Title I Reading Program since it conception by the United States Federal Government in 1965, which is a span of over thirty years.  Donna received recognition for this honor at the National Title I Reading Conference in New Orleans in 1995.

Her love of children, and desire to find ways to motivate, gave her the desire to never give up on any child because you never can predict who will become motivated and turn his or her life around.

She gives the state that offer Staff Development credit for her professional inspiration the International Reading Conference for new resources and training.  Donna has taught in Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, and Oklahoma.  She is currently a Title I Reading Specialist in the Ponca City School District in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and has taught there since 1961.  

Donna’s education and love of helping children bloom and grow is an indication of her intense desire to make a lasting impression that will make her students’ lives better.