For her outstanding contributions as a grade school teacher, Dorothy is recognized on the Donor’s Wall of Fame by James Haug of Atchison, Kansas, and Gary Haug of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Dorothy Haug is special to me first and foremost because she is my mother.  Though she was never my teacher in school, I am still uniquely qualified to relate why she was such a great teacher.

Her dedication to the education of children was always apparent during the forty-four years of her teaching career.  Her evening occupation was grading papers and preparing bulletin boards and lesson plans.  She always welcomed the opportunity to teach split grade classrooms and classes with children who had learning difficulties.  She was able to maintain an environment conducive to learning in her classrooms because of a great ability to be in control while being flexible enough to adapt to students needs.  She was respected by administrators and other teachers as well as her students.

Her experience in the fourteen years she taught all grades in country schools gave her insight into the developmental stages of children from kindergarten to the eighth grade.  Many adults still tell her their appreciation for the educational footing she gave them.

Dorothy began her career in a one-room schoolhouse.  She continued her career for forty-four years by teaching grade school students of all ages.