For her outstanding contributions as a teacher, Dorothy is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Linda Broce of Pratt, Kansas, and Lynn H. Parker of Wichita, Kansas.

According to Linda:

A one-room school house was the setting for her first teaching assignment, southwest of Alva, Oklahoma.  She taught all grades there for eight years, when only a high school education was required to be a teacher.  It was there, at Green Valley School, where her love of teaching really began.

In 1927, she put teaching on the back-burner while she helped her new husband farm. As she raised two children, she began her master plan.  She would save enough dimes to buy a piano, give private music lessons, and earn enough money to go to college to secure her teaching degree.  By now, she was a single mom.

Finally, in 1960, teaching degree in hand, she secured the art and music position in the Attica Public Schools.  Mrs. Parker continued to attend classes by commuting to Northwestern Oklahoma State University to obtain her Master’s Degree.  In was in the Attica Schools that she was my art teacher.  Her teaching style had such a profound effect on my life that I later became a teacher myself.  I vowed to pattern myself after her.  I always kept in mind her fairness, enthusiasm for life, patriotism, and optimism.

She taught in the Attica School system until her retirement in 1991, except for three years when she taught in Manchester, Oklahoma in the hopes of vesting Oklahoma retirement.  After 39 years of service at the age of 86, she did not voluntarily retire, but was the victim of budget cuts-it seems that arts are the first to be cut. 

I especially remember her love for her students, her concern for their welfare, as well as their education.  She always made it a point to treat everyone with respect-teachers, staff, custodians alike.  Even though she passed away in the January of 1995, others that did not know her, and those that were fortunate enough to have crossed paths with her in life, will remember her.  I’ve told you just some of the great things I know about my favorite teacher, my mother.

Dorothy taught 42 years of her 90 year life. She retired in 1991 and passed four years later.