Dr. Jerry L. Parks

Social Studies, Grade 7, Georgetown Middle School, Georgetown, Kentucky

Total years as a classroom teacher: 24


2003 National Board Certification NBPTS
1974 Eastern KY. University Ed.S, Education
1973 Eastern KY. University M.A., Education

Teaching Experience


Grade 7, Social Studies, Georgetown Middle School, Georgetown, Kentucky


Grades 7-8, Health Education, Tates Creek Middle School, Lexington, Kentucky

1978-1980 Grades K-6, Physical Education, Russell Cave Elementary School, Lexington, Kentucky

Special Recognition


USA TODAY Award “All American Teacher Team”


National Board Certification


State Teacher of the Year – Teacher of the Year


Teacher of the Year, Fayette County Schools


Top Ten Teacher in Kentucky, Golden Apple Award

  •  Dr. Parks believes there are three important components to the
    teaching profession: teaching is a serving profession, no teacher is
    indispensable, and rewards in education are not measured on the gold
    standard. He empathizes with his students and understands what it is
    like to not enjoy the learning process. Parks has grown professionally
    through helping others grow, which he believes is what teaching is all
  • In his classroom, Dr. Parks encourages engagement among his
    students. Parks truly thinks there needs to be a productive relationship
    between teacher and students—a relationship comprised of modeling,
    motivation, and management. One of his teaching strategies is the
    acronym: C.R.E.A.T.E., which stands for: Creativity, Relevancy,
    Adaptability, Training, and Enthusiasm. Dr. Parks is immensely involved
    inside and outside the classroom. His classroom is a model learning lab
    for teachers in training, and he has authored numerous books for parents
    and teachers.


“Dr. Parks makes a classroom come alive with rich learning situations
that change the way children learn and instills in them the desire for
lifelong learning. He is a role model of character, and has touched
thousands of lives—inspiring many of them to become teachers. He loves
teaching and makes learning ‘contagious’, and has given his time to
support young people beyond the classroom.”

David Andes, Former Principal

“Mr. Parks cares for his students as if they were people. He not only
listens when kids have opinions, he makes us feel it actually matters.
He not only loved what he taught, he loved us, and made us love to
learn, sometimes in spite of ourselves. Mr. Parks made every student and
me in his class feel important, and that we could reach just a little
further than we thought we could. He had a way of making us see how
social studies affected our life.”

Lauren Ishmael, Former Student