For his outstanding contributions as a Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy teacher, Ken is recognized on the Donor’s Wall of Fame by Jeni L. Muniz.

Dr. Ken Ohm was a teacher in the Manhattan Public Schools in Manhattan, Kansas from 1959-1966.  He also taught Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy at the college level at Sheridan Junior College in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Dr. Ohm provided a highly motivating and personal teaching environment.  He constantly reached out to students with empathy, sensitivity, warmth, and respect.  To really listen to a student, whether in or out of the classroom, was a primary goal.  He found it important to guide each class to find meaning which would be useful in their future academic programs and in their lives.  He never resorted to coercion in the learning process, but motivated with praise, social approval, and personal attention.

I am certain that I speak for many thousands of his students in remembering him as one of the most outstanding educators in America.