For his outstanding contributions as a teacher of high education in Emporia, Matt is recognized on the Wall of Fame by Spring Block 1 students 2012 of Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas.

Dr. Seimears has made such an impact in our lives and it is with this simple donation that we attempt to  show our gratitude.  With his quickly reply to emails and feedback on our assignments through the entire semester, it is evident that his number one concern is for his students.  When a teacher will challenge his students to research and construct a building to withstand an earthquake simulation in order to get extra credit points midterm, we knew that he had discovered how to reel us in and concentrate.  This project made us think in new ways and little did we know, we were learning while having fun.  Modeling teaching techniques that we will utilize in the future and setting us up to succeed by putting us in actual classrooms are just a few ways that he has changed our way of thinking.  We, as afternoon Spring Block 1 students, are very appreciative for Dr. Seimears’ attention to our needs, wants and dreams.  Approaching his class in a coach-like manner created a wonderful learning environment for us all and we have become like a family.  Forming bonds to us as resources later in life is only one of the numerous teaching techniques we’ve learning in Dr. Seimears’ class.  He is the epitome of top-notch teacher and we, his students, aspire to influence our future students as much as he has inspired and influence our teaching styles and abilities.

Spring Block 1 2012 Students: Christina Allen, Sarah Anderson, Amber Atwell, Kristi Becker, Mikala Coltrane, Tiffany Day, Kacee George, Jennifer Hendrickson, Sarah Johnson, Lauren Likens, Courtney Mead, Kendra Mitts, Kristine Patton, Megan Vanderford, Therese Voegeli, Tamera Westhoff and Megan Willis