Dr. Steve  Rapp

Astronomy, Physics, Engineering, Robotics, Grades 10-12, A. Linwood Holton Governor’s School, Abingdon, Virginia

Total years as a classroom teacher: 39


1997 East Tennessee State University          Ed.D., Education
1989 Marshall University M.A., Physical Science
1973 Marshall University M.S., Secondary School Administration
1969 Concord College B.S., Biology and Science Education

Teaching Experience


Grades 10-12, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, Robotics, A Linwood Holton Governor’s School, Abingdon, Virginia


Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, East Tennessee State University School, Johnson City, Tennessee

1972-1989 Grades 10-12, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Iaeger High School, Iaeger, West Virginia
1969-1972 Grade 8, General Science, Iaeger Intermediate School, Iaeger, West Virginia

Special Recognition


Virginia Education Association Award for Excellence in Teaching


Thomas Brennan Award for Excellence in Astronomy Teaching


Tandy Technology Prize for Excellence in Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science

  • Dr. Rapp believes that students learn science most effectively when
    they can see that science is relevant and meaningful to their everyday
    lives. He also believes that students learn best when they actually do
    science. Dr. Rapp says the absolutely most effective learning occurs
    when students become “cognitive apprentices” to an expert.
  • Dr. Rapp likes to think of himself as a facilitator or advisor
    helping to provide a productive learning environment for all his
    students. He believes his students see him as a facilitator, one that
    can make things happen for them. One who can provide unique, useful
    learning opportunities and one who can help equip them for the highway
    of life.


“Dr. Rapp makes science and technology exciting, tangible, and
understandable to his students. He gives his students hands-on
experiences in science typically through technology. He gets them to be
critical thinkers in these areas, which is a goal unto itself and not
always an easy task.”

Connie Walker, Colleague

“Dr. Rapp was one of the most effective, knowledgeable teachers I
have ever had. He was able to bring [the] complex and vast subject of
Astrophysics down to a level which high school students were able to
easily understand, a large task for a teacher who rarely saw his
students. He was able to show us the practical applications of a
difficult subject – an awesome accomplishment from an outstanding

Adam Childers, Student