For his outstanding contributions as an educational administrator, Gene is recognized on the Donors Wall of Fame by Shelly Lucy, Stephanie Aldridge, Kim Pruitt, Matt Werner, and Rachel Werner.

According to his children:

Gene is a teacher and administrator who has that special ability to effectively reach out to help and educate people throughout Kansas and the United States.  He is a highly respected educator who has devoted his life to improving the field of education; one person at a time.  The many awards he has received throughout his career attest to his outstanding ability.

Dr. Werner started teaching in Alta Vista, Kansas, where as a first year teacher, he had many, many responsibilities.  He coached most every sport and filled in as an administrator when needed.  From that first, and throughout his career, he has been called upon to play a variety of roles and to wear many hats.  He has been asked to do so because he is extremely capable and competent.  You always knew that Gene Werner would not just get the job done, he would do so with an expertise that few could match.

As his children, we also saw these same traits at home that Dad so successfully used in his profession.  He is patient and kind and always have time to listen to our thoughts and concerns.  He taught us that if you work hard enough and believe in what you’re doing, you’ll be a success in life.  We all feel a huge sense of pride and respect for him.  We only hope that we too can be as successful and touch so many people in such a positive way.  Although we have not sat in his classrooms, he has shared these rare qualities with us in a more special way. Although we have not sat in his classrooms, he has shared these rare qualities with us in a more special way – day in and day out in the classroom of life.

Gene has been in education for approximately 38 years as a social studies teacher and administrator in Kansas.