For her outstanding contributions as a School Psychologist, Edna is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Glenna M. Nightingale of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Edna was a pioneer of Kansas school psychology.  She was instrumental in getting KASP organized, and was a Charter Member when KASP formed in 1964.  She testified before the Kansas Legislative Council for Research in 1965, she wrote a proposal for the Diagnostic Center in collaboration with Olive Garfield, which was initiated in 1966.  The Center pioneered work with school children with emotional disabilities, established services for older children with mental retardation and hard-of-hearing preschooling. 

Friends spoke of Edna as having a regal, competent manner.  Edna was described as being humble, reserved, gracious, and always talked in a “low toned, controlled, quieted voice,” and “never said ill of anyone.”  However, Edna was assertive when necessary and would speak out on issues, “if she thought it needed to be said, she said it.” She helped others accept her ideas and was firm, factual, “didn’t back down with professional peers,” and “didn’t mince words” with trainees who did “sloppy work.” Because of her ability as an excellent listener, principals trusted her.  Edna strongly felt high regard for teachers as source of information about children.  She provided direct serves to children, but also served as a consultant and advisor.  Edna had excellent rapport with parents.

Edna was also known as a deep thinker, and other school psychologists utilized her as a resource.