For her outstanding contributions as a high school math teacher, Eileen is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Stewart R. Bogdanoff of Somers, New York.

First, Eileen is not a two-by-four teacher, enclosed in the two covers of a textbook and the four walls of a classroom.  She has close and extensive contacts within her community.

Second, she is dedicated to her calling.  She does not sneer at her colleagues or belittle herself.  She is proud to teach.

Third, she works hard and requires the same of her students.  She refuses to regard teaching as just another job.  

Finally, she admires her students.  She believes that every student in her class is gifted.

Community contacts, dedication, hard work, and admiration for her students — these are the four qualities that make Eileen Bagdanoff an outstanding teacher.