For his outstanding contributions as a high school global studies and general math teacher, Francisco is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Lisa Gottman and Ray Martinez of Apollo Beach, Florida.

Francisco R. Martinez, Frank, is special to us because he is a member of our family. Frank started his career teaching a variety of grade levels and subject areas. At the beginning of his teaching career he taught fourth grade, special education, and art. Frank also took off some time to serve in the Vietnam War where he taught G.E.D. courses to soldiers in need. When he arrived home from the war, Frank taught fifth grade for three years. He then moved on to high school Business from 1974-1995. Presently, he teaches at the high school he attended and has watched both his younger sister and son graduate.

In 1992, Frank went on sabbatical and traveled cross-country to visit various businesses and companies to learn how to better prepare his business students for the “real” world. Mr. Martinez is constantly showing his students that the skills they are learning relate to real life.

Mr. Martinez is also active with the Rome Teacher’s Association and serves on the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee for the Teacher’s Credit Union along with many other committees and organizations.

Frank Martinez teaches at Rome Free Academy in Rome, New York, where he is active in various teacher and student organizations.