For his outstanding accomplishments as a seventh grade social studies teacher, Garry is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Paul and Verla Stratton of Caseyville, Illinois.

According to Paul and Verla:

This is very hard for us to write, without leaving the impression that Gary was born in a manger. We have known him throughout his life. We witness teaching being his life. We have witnessed so many accolades for Gary from his students, peers, and also his community.

His hometown of Caseyville, Illinois honored him with a “Gary Swalley Day” and highway signs from both directions as you enter Caseyville stating, “Hometown of Gary Swalley, National Teachers Hall of Fame – 1996.” Gary is one of the most compassionate human beings we have ever known. A champion of the underdog, he is always there for students, friends, or family members with love and concern. He truly is honest above reproach with a wonderful personality and wit. Mother Teresa said, “Be someone for somebody.” Gary has been someone for so many somebodies. He makes our world a much better place.

Gary is currently teaching in Edwardsville, Illinois. He began his teaching career in 1977. Gary has been teaching for 20 years.