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Recognizing career teachers and outstanding educators motivates other teachers and educators, inspires young adults to consider a career in education, and honors those who have positively influenced the lives of students.

Elevating the teaching profession encourages active teachers to remain in teaching, presents young people with a career option, and rallies everyone to address a critical need.

Honoring education support personnel┬ápreserves the heritage while building a legacy of men and women dedicated to educating our country’s future.

Stimulating passion and commitment to education through publications and special programs creates a forum for educators to express themselves and to learn from their peers.

Cultivating outstanding qualities in educators while addressing their core needs ensures these individuals have the tools needed to deal with daily classroom issues.

How You Can Help The NTHF:

If you have time, expertise, or items to donate to The National Teachers Hall of Fame, please contact us.

We welcome ideas for workshops, seminars, or webinars, that you might wish to help organize. We can always use ideas to help spread the word about The National Teachers Hall of Fame. We also invite assistance in graphic design, creative ideas, and innovative programs. If you can serve as a host family for an inductee or volunteer for one of the various capacities of ambassadors during induction week, that would be a tremendous contribution. We appreciate the many volunteers who help us to carry out our mission.

Our museum also accepts donations of school memorabilia to display so that the younger generation will know what a slide rule is or how we once copied materials with a ditto machine. We preserve the heritage of the education profession through displays and hands-on opportunities as well as through a collection of early textbooks and school supplies.

Individuals and corporations can help the Hall of Fame by donating goods and services for the annual radio auction, held on the second Thursday of November each year. It is carried locally on radio station KVOE (1400) and live streamed over the station’s website for national coverage.

You can also choose one of the many ways to help us financially by visiting the “Giving Opportunities” section of this website.

Giving Opportunities

As a 501c(3) The NTHF relies on private financial support and encourages organizations and individuals to support the effort to bring NTHF recognition to members of the most important profession in this country.

You can support the NTHF through gifts of:
Cash, Check or Credit Card donations
Common stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other appreciated securities
Corporate matching gifts
Property, including real estate such as a residence, farms, commercial property, undeveloped land, or tangible items such as art, books, or equipment
Deferred gifts in the form of bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts life income gifts, life insurance, retained life estates, and retirement accounts

Your donation may be eligible for tax benefits.

Payment with our Paypal account.

Additional questions: please contact us at or call us at (620) 341-5660 or toll free at (800) 96-TEACH.