For her outstanding contributions as a fourth grade teacher, Helen is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Walnut Elementary and Bonnie Tovar of Emporia, Kansas.

Helen has dedicated 27 years to the service of teaching. While at Walnut she has taught Kindergarten and fourth grade.

According to Bonnie:

“When anyone thinks of Helen, the words that immediately come to mind are graceful, wise, and very organized. Helen is consistently calm in her approach to all situations and all areas of teaching. In her years at Walnut Helen has given of herself to share her time and talents with future teachers. Helen is an amazing mentor and an example to those who are both entering the teaching field, and those who have been teaching but need more ideas. Helen has the ability to receive any student into her classroom with respect and praise, and work with the biggest academic or behavioral challenges. Helen has definitely mastered the art of classroom management and has been known to really have “eyes in the back and all sides of her head.”

As a parent, I was fortunate to have two of my daughters in her classroom. Helen Thomas is a person that children wanted as a teacher and who adults surrounding her admired. Helen is always ready for whatever came her way while challenging her students in fun ways to reach their individual goals. She has always been so graceful and poised under pressure and has certainly inspired many. As a parent, I am so glad that Helen listened to her calling and used her gifts to become the teacher that she has been not only for my children, but all children who crossed her path. Both of my girls, although very different from one another, excelled greatly under her care and teaching. They knew that they could always count on her for whatever they needed, as well as to push them when they needed it. Mrs. Thomas said what she meant and meant what she said. Her kind, soft spoken, very neat and efficient ways hopefully have rubbed off, at least a little, on all of the students that she has had over the years. I know that my family as well as the school has been very blessed to have her.

As a school, Walnut is going to miss Helen Thomas tremendously. Her presence in our school family has been an amazing gift and her talent has enriched us all. Although she is leaving, we are thankful she chose to share her gift of teaching not only with her students for so many years, but with those who will go on to be teachers trying to fill the big shoes she left behind.”