For his outstanding contributions in testing and individual assessments at Emporia State University, Howard is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Kay and Paul McKnab of Emporia, Kansas.

Howard Carvajal began his professional career as a history teacher and coach at Austin High School.  He joined the Psychology Department at Emporia State University in 1966.  He received his BA from Texas Western College and his MS ED from the University of Texas.  He also done graduate work at Texas Tech University.

Howard is a professor in the Division of Psychology and Special Education.  He is best known for training school psychologist to administer the Wechsler and Stanford-Binet individual intelligence tests.  He estimates he has observed hundreds of his graduate students give thousands of test, first in a little room in a mobile classroom next to the old Butcher School on the Emporia State campus, and since 1979, in a specially designed testing room adjacent to his office in Visser Hall.  His students also submitted an estimated fifty thousand tests to be scored and critiqued.  Besides his graduate classes, he has taught an undergraduate class on the essentials of Psychological testing, plus several other different classes during his years at Emporia State.

Howard consistently received high evaluations from students for his classroom instruction.  This is no small accomplishment considering the rigor of the courses he teachers.  Howard’s excellence in the classroom was recognized by the Teacher’s College with the receipt of the Outstanding Teacher Award.

Professor Carvajal is recognized nationally through his research on Psychological testing.  His vita consists of twenty-seven refereed journal articles and fifty-two presentations at state and national professional conferences. He has specialized in investigating the relationships between intelligence tests and other individually administered standardized tests.  He consistently involved his graduate students in the data collection phase of his research.  Many of them saw their names appear as coauthors with Professor Carvajal.  He has made many presentations and workshops for School Psychologists and teachers to help them learn how to administer new tests as the companies distributed them.  He has written numerous tests for the Bureau of Measurements at Emporia State University, and in recognition of his exemplary scholarship, Howard received the Teachers College Outstanding Scholarly Activity Award in 1988.

Howard has served the University on numerous committees over the years, including a term as President of the Faculty in 1991-1992. He has always been an avid supporter of students and their activities.  He served as the faculty sponsor for Psi Chi for six years.  Howard is one of the most well-liked professors in the department.  A recent class of graduate students wrote the following comments:

Professor Carvajal has a great sense of humor.  Just when we think we have him under control, he demands a lasagna dinner from his hard working graduate students.  His behavior in class (a ten-year-old trapped inside a sixty-five-year-old body) bodes well for learning, motivation, and interest in his classes.  At this level, we need more professors like him.  A student knows exactly what to expect from him. He has high expectations for his students that I believe made us even more motivated to excel in his courses.

He is one of the best people and professors I have ever encountered.  He is a mentor and a friend, and is always available and non-judgmental when students are in need of advice.  His stern outer surface is a wonderful mask for the caring person he is.  Professor Carvajal is one of the most down-to-earth professors I have seen.

I am truly thankful to have been one of his students.  He makes certain you get the best out of his courses.  Over the years, he has continued to make a profound impact on me, my education, and my future career.  It is a shame to see him retire.  He is one of the best instructors I have ever encountered.

Professor Carvajal has been a friend and mentor to the faculty and students at Emporia State University. He truly deserves to be honored as a Master Teacher.