For her outstanding contributions as a teacher and Master Teacher, Janice is recognized on the Donors Wall of Fame by Sharon Bechtel of Emporia, Kansas.

Janice has been and still remains a Master Teacher in the eyes of many, many regular education and special education children, parents, community, members and colleagues for over 40 years. Janice is the “model teacher” that always remains updated and current, using the most cutting edge of research when working with children and adults.  These were the words I heard about Janice when she was inducted into the Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame, and they still ring true today.

Janice has taught all grades K-12, Reading at Larned State Hospital, and is currently a Special Education Instructional Coach for the Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative located in Emporia, as well as being the Director of the Emporia State University Teacher Resource Center/Instructional Materials Center at Emporia State University.  Janice works with teachers and parents figuring out the best possible educational plan for their child in Special Education, and also the best materials to be used when enriching the educational process.  She is often called in to help resolve difficult educational situations that arise unexpectedly and require non-standard solutions.  She is always very professional, is willing to help, is well organized, and is extremely personable regardless of the situation she is placed in.  People, in the community, and in the educational realm, count on Janice’s knowledge and expertise as they work to field the best possible solutions for learners.

In the 1990’s, Janice was selected as a Commissioner for the KNEA Kansas State Reading Circle.  This group of dedicated teachers, read and review  books newly published each year, and then compile a reference that is used by teachers, librarians, book stores, and families across Kansas, and now, also in 26 other states across the nation.

I remember Janice sharing with me that she always wanted to be a teacher ever since the day she started her educational journey in the one-room school house as a child.  Since that first day of her formal schooling, Janice has never stopped learning or teaching others with great enthusiasm.  In fact her love for education is vibrant that her son went into the teaching area himself and was recently names Junior High Coach of the Year.  

I was exicted and proud of Janice when I witnessed the following announcement: Janice Romeiser, USD252 Master Teacher of the year 1989; Janice Romeiser, Kansas State Hall of Fame Inductee 2002; Janice Romeiser, Kansas National Teacher Hall of Fame candidate 1998; Janice Romeiser, Emporia Master Teacher of the Year 2010; Janice Romeiser, Kansas Master of the Year 2011.  Janice always professionally represents all educators of Kansas with pride, and she is always excited to share her vast knowledge with everyone that she meets from the newest educators to the most experienced educators.

Congratulations Janice, you are so deserving of the honor of having your named placed on the Donors’ Wall of Fame, in the National Teachers Hall of Fame.