For his outstanding contributions as a teacher and principal, Jeff is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Timmerman Elementary PTO of Emporia, Kansas.

Jeff D. Frye graduated with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education from Kansas State University in 1993.  He received his Master of Education degree from Wichita State University in 1999.  He taught 6th grade at Valley Center Junior High School for one year, and then taught 3rd grade for four years at Maize Elementary School in Maize, Kansas.

Jeff Frye was a principal for the Emporia School District for six years from the fall of 1999, to the spring of 2005.  He began his administrative career at Mary Herbert Elementary, where he was principal for four year.  Mary Herbert Elementary closed when a newly constructed elementary school was built.  Jeff and his staff moved to this new school, Grant F. Timmerman Elementary.  He opened the doors to Timmerman Elementary on September 2, 2003, where he served as principal for two years.

Upon being hired by USD253, Jeff wasted no time in becoming actively involved with the workings of the district and in the community itself.  Through his six years, he served on many district committees as well as being a member of Leadership Emporia.  He was never afraid to jump into discussions drawing worthy points to the forefront.

Jeff was known for his professional manner in working with staff and parents.  He possessed the strength and decisiveness necessary to efficiently lead.  He never backed down from tough situations.  He was willing to listen to both sides and make his decisions based on what was best for the students and the school as a whole.  He was dedicated to his staff, students, and parents. 

Jeff had a passion and enthusiasm for learning that he modeled for both staff and students.  He was well read on strategies of learning, and never expected his staff to implement new curriculum without he, himself going through the same trainings.  He encouraged staff to share their ideas and successful teaching experiences with each other so all students could benefit.  He encouraged his staff to continually grow in their knowledge and comfort levels when new programs were implemented.

While Jeff was our principal, his motto to students and staff was, “Work Hard and Have Fun” He followed the motto himself, always willing to work hard putting in many hours outside of the normal workday to ensure everything was well planned, organized, and completed in a timely fashion.  Jeff also shared his uplifting sense of humor with students and staff.  He was energetic and creative, which allowed him to live by his motto.

As energetic as Jeff was, he also knew when to be quiet and patient.  He had the talent to gain the students’ attention while speaking softly. With very few words he earned the most respect from them.  He also gained the respect of community members with his involvement and with the quiet rapport he shared with his students.  Many a visitor witnessed the respect students had for Mr. Frye when he stepped in front of the assemblies.  There was never a need to raise his voice or ask them to settle down.  Students wanted to please him.  He encouraged them to achieve by personally caring about them.  Even when students were in trouble, they knew he was dealing with the situation that brought them in his office and that he truly cared about them as people.  Jeff was firm but fair and above all, caring.

All students were inspired to do their best by his belief in them, no matter what obstacles or hardships stood in their way.