JoAnna Riegle Scherrer

For her outstanding contributions as a teacher of elementary school and music from 1968-1995, JoAnna is recognized on the Wall of Fame by her son, Tommy Scherrer of Old Bethpage, New York.

JoAnna was a vocal music teacher. She started teaching in the Roslyn School District in New York in the 1960’s. She then transferred to the Bethpage School District in 1968 where she taught until her retirement in 1995. She attended Kansas State Teacher’s College in Emporia and graduated in 1952 with a Bachelor’s degree in music education. She received her Master of Science degree in music from C. W. Post University in Long Island, New York in 1971.

One of the most influential factors in her life was her interested in music. She started taking violin lessons at the age of seven. While at Emporia High School, she joined organizations such as acapella choir, mixed choirs, double sextet, girls trio and a stint quartet. In addition, she attended the high school summer music camp at the Sate College in Emporia for five years. The biggest encouragement and most inspiration for her was the opportunity and honor to attend the national Music Camp in Interlochen, Michigan where she would learn all aspects of music. The camps was attended by high school boys and girls from all different states and countries. She mastered her violin skills there and also played the piano. One day, which in high school, she had the honor to post the Rubinoff, the famed violinist, who was in Emporia giving a few concerts. In college, she played in the women’s honorary music fraternity. She also had the honor and privilege to interview him and obtain his autograph. She would also play violin at her father’s campaign netting while he was running for political office in Kansas.

JoAnna loved playing the violin and piano, which included performing in the symphony orchestra concerts. Her young students loved her as much as she loved teaching them. She was an inspiration to all of her students. She possessed qualities such as perseverance, patience and dedication. You could see the smiles on her students’ faces in the classroom and chorus. The National Music camp in Interlochen really helped to mold her into a great and gifted teacher. Aside from teaching, she gave private piano lessons for a number of years. Attending concerts is something she continued to do even after her retirement. One of her favorites was to attend the Boston Pops. She would never stray far from a PBS television channel that was showing a concert.