For his outstanding accomplishments in social studies, John R. Webb is honored on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by June B. Keifer of Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to June:

John Webb is special to me because he possesses many skills beginning with a deep understanding of people. From this talent he was able to develop in students a sense of worth so important to their success.

He was an excellent role model, and was admired by both students and colleagues. He had courage and followed through on what he believed, dismissing whether it had become popular. Having that courage and moving with it recruited fellow teachers who admired that success.

I admire his record: Teacher and coach, principle of two separate high schools, Dean of men at KSTC, and later, Dean of students at Trinity University. Returning to Emporia, he was, in order, Dean of students, Vice President of Student Affairs and Support Services, and he retired from ESU as Vice President of Administration and Fiscal Affairs.

He followed through. His word was gold and he was a quiet fighter for the rights of all people.

He saw beyond the obvious. His vision recognized potential in students whose worth might have continued unrecognized. In turn, many of them became outstanding in their fields throughout the country and in Europe. Many remained in Kansas and are better for his understanding and support. Some were borderline when they came to know him.

Everyone whose life touched his is the better for it. He has never stopped teaching.

John R. Webb taught 11 years to public school children in Emporia, Kansas (1948-1959) and 27 years at the college and university level.