John  Snyder

Computer Science, 10-12, Advanced Technologies Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada

Total years as a classroom teacher: 36


1984 Nova University M.S. Computer Education
1970 University of Kansas B.A. English, Speech

Teaching Experience

1994-present Grades 9-12, Computer Science, Advanced Technologies Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada
1991-1994 Grades 9-12, Computer Science, Cimarron-Memorial High School, Las Vegas, Nevada
1985-1991 Grades 9-12, Computer Science, Chaparral High School, Las Vegas, Nevada
1981-1985 Grades 10-12, English/Computer Science, Hyde Park Junior High School, Las Vegas, Nevada
1980-1981 University, English, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas
1971-1980 Grades 9-12, English/Debate, South High School, Fargo, North Dakota

Special Recognition

2006 Get Excited About Education grant, Citibank
2003 Chasing Rainbows Award, Dolly Parton Foundation
1997, 1994 Christa McAuliffe Fellow
1996 Impact Innovator Clark County School District
1995 Cyber Schoolhouse Grant, Cisco
1995 Technology Teacher of the year, Microsoft/Technology & Learning Magazine
1992 Milken National Educator Award
1991 Tandy Technology Scholar, Radio Shack/Tandy
1991 Southern Nevada Teacher of the Year, 7-Eleven Southland Corporation
1990 Nevada State Teacher of the Year
1990 Teacher of the Year, Burger King Corporation
1989 Award for Innovative Teaching, Business Week Magazine


  • John provides lessons for his students that encourage them to learn
    with confidence and develop their skills by asking questions instead of
    listening to lectures.
  • He believes that teachers should provide their students with three
    things: the ability to assess accurately any situation they may
    encounter, the tools with which to deal with it successfully, and the
    pride and confidence to do so with excellence.

“I have come to know that the real strength of our Blue Ribbon and
Exemplary school is in its exceptionally talented staff. John heads the
list, and our community—students, staff, and parents—finds itself in the
fortunate circumstance of knowing, working, and being taught by John

Karen Diamond, Principal, Advanced Technologies Academy

“What better teacher can you ask for than one that pushes you to go beyond even their expectations?”

Aaron Eastburg, former student