For his outstanding contributions as an eighth grade teacher, reading specialist, and Administrator, John is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Cathy Cassy and the Curriculum and Instruction Department.

John spent the last 41 years in education striving to help students become successful, productive citizens. He began his career as an eighth grade classroom teacher and moved into the field of reading specialist at the middle and high school level in the public schools in St. Louis, Missouri. He received a scholarship to attend Columbia University as part of a Medical Model Internship in the instruction of reading.

John’s administrative role started in Jacksonville, Illinois when he became the principal at Neil Armstrong Middle School. He later became Director of Curriculum and Instruction in both Temperance, Michigan and Champaign, Illinois and from there he moved into the position of Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum in Woodstock, Illinois. He retired after serving as Director of Secondary Education in Burlington, Iowa. However, retirement was short-lived. Anxious to return to education and be part of the decision-making process to foster academic excellence in public schools, John returned to education in the role of cycle principal at Fairmont Elementary School in the Francis Howell School District. He eventually moved into his present position as Director of Secondary Education in Francis Howell in St. Charles, Missouri.