Judy Sneath works musical magic with elementary school age students.  Whether she is introducing basic music theory, involving students in vocal or instrumental activities or introducing various forms of movement, her students are engaged in Judy’s world, the world of music.

Judy has been trained professionally in both voice and performance, having received two Bachelor Degrees and a Master Degree in music.  She has soloed with the Friends University Singing Quakers in the United States and Europe, sang professionally, written music, recorded and has performed with the Wichita Symphony.  Being well-prepared, she shares the world of music with elementary students as an excellent music teacher.

During her career, she has successfully built a comprehensive Kindergarten through fifth grade music program based on sound pedagogy at McCollom Elementary School in Wichita, Kansas.  Her deliberate and measured step by step musical instruction not only provides a sound introduction to music, but provides the students with self-esteem success and joy.

Her annual grade-level programs demonstrate student growth from one level to the next.  The success of the elementary school instruction peaks with the Variety Show performed at the end of elementary school.  Student confidence and student joy are shown as they perform.  The students’ trust, self-discipline and respect for their teacher can easily be seen.  They have fun and make music together.  The student world has successfully merged with Judy’s world of music.  Judy has become a hero to students because she has taught them music.
“THAT IS WHY I TEACH MUSIC NOT because I expect you to major in music, NOT because I expect you to play or sing all your life, NOT so you can relax and have fun.  BUS -So you will be human So you will recognize beauty So you will be sensitive So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world So you will have something to cling to So you will have more love, more compassion, more gentleness, more good…in short, more life.”

The quote pretty much summarized this wonderful music teacher!