For her outstanding contributions as a fourth grade teacher, Kathy is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Walnut Elementary and Stephanie Stapp of Emporia, Kansas.

According to Stephanie:

Kathy is an amazing teacher, at all times a professional, believer in education and leader at Walnut.  I have been blessed to work with Kathy not only professionally but also as a parent with a student in her classroom.

Professionally Kathy is a leader in many ways.  Kathy has a passion for teaching Math, and has been very involved in encouraging others to be excited about teaching Math as well.  You can actually hear in her voice and see on her face her excitement when she talks about a new unit, or a new way to teach her students and how quickly they are catching on to new learning.  Kathy has also been a leader in the implementation of Professional Learning Communities in our school, volunteering at attended training over the summer and then coming back and supporting others in the implementation of this new adventure in our building.  In the classroom, Kathy works very hard to meet the needs of all her students both with academic and behavioral challenges.  Two years ago we needed a teacher to volunteer to loop with a class from third to fourth grade.  Looping involves learning a new grade level, and being willing to put in more time as well as working with challenging student for two full years.  Kathy volunteered and has been with the same class for two years now.  She has done an amazing job.  

Personally Kathy has been a blessing to me as a parent.  My daughter has had the opportunity to have Kathy for a teacher in both third and fourth grades.  Katelyn entered third grade having looped from first to second grade with a teacher that was very strong in reading.  Katey then had the opportunity to loop for two years with Mrs. Evans who is very strong in Math.  Not only has Katelyn learned a great deal about Math, above and beyond the required curriculum (To hear Katey tell it they do math “all the time Mom!”) but she has progressed tremendously in reading as well.  Katelyn is a more fluent reader and has developed comprehension skills that made both Kathy and I cheer!

Kathy is a wonderful teacher tremendous leader, advocate for education, and an amazing woman. As she retires we lose her enthusiasm for learning, leadership, and many many years of wisdom.  She will be greatly missed.