For his outstanding contributions as an Industrial Education teacher, Larry is recognized on the Donor’s Wall of Fame by The Bohn Family of Topeka, Kansas. 

Mr. Bohn graduated from Pittsburg State University in 1964 with his B.S in Industrial Education (printing). He completed his Master’s degree at PSU in 1968. Mr. Bohn was active in his church work at Town and Country Christian Church, Topeka, Kansas, as an elder. He held offices in the Topeka Craftsman Club and Kiwanis. He was an active leader in the local Boy Scout Troop 7 for over 15 years.

In 1990, Mr. Bohn was recognized at PSU for his achievement in printing education. His program maintained a placement average of 90% for over 20 years. He organized workshops for special groups, including one for sales personnel of Nationwide Paper Company. He was a member of the Graphic Arts Education Association, the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, Topeka Club of Printing House Craftsman-Graphic Arts Education (treasurer, secretary, and second vice president), Kansas NEA, and the National Education Association, Kansas Vocational Association and Kansas Industrial Education Association. He was the recipient of the Outstanding Volunteer for service award presented by Topeka Highland Optimist Club. Mr. Bohn also wrote several articles for trade magazines and created a video game published by InCider/A-Plus.

Mr. Bohn loved teaching and enjoyed that for 35 years before his death in 1999. He looked forward to each new year with excitement and anticipation. He was happy being a father and husband and treasured his family time. He continued his personal learning (seminars, workshops, etc.) long after his degree work was completed, believing he could bring more to the classroom students.

According to Bret:

“The one thing I remember most about Larry is his unique blend of humility and strength. He was very humble and unassuming, almost provincial in a manner. But he was not shy, nor weak of character. He radiated a tranquil solidity, like that of stone- a gentle confidence centered on truth. He was firm, not a heavy-handed authoritarian, but rather he was resolute. Larry gave his abundance of character to his students as well as his friends, setting the bar high but with the promise that you could do it and that he would see you through. It’s in this way that Larry marked his students and his community. I have been honored to know him.”