Leslie J. Nicholas

English Grade 7, Wyoming Valley West Middle School, Kingston, Pennsylvania

Total years as a classroom teacher: 28


1985 University of Pennsylvania M.S., Educational Leadership
1981 Wilkes College B.A., English/German /Education

Teaching Experience


Grade 7, English, Wyoming West Middle School, Kingston, Pennsylvania


Grades 9-12, Journalism, Wyoming West High School, Kingston, Pennsylvania

Special Recognition

2009 Finalist, the Great American Teacher Award

First Freedom Award

2005 University of Pennsylvania Educator of the Year
2002 Pennsylvania Journalism Teacher of the Year
  • Mr. Nicholas’s classroom is unique in that the teacher is not the
    one source who disseminates all knowledge to all of the students at the
    same time. He often teaches one student a skill because they need that
    information to accomplish a task. When another student needs that same
    skill, he refers them to their classmate who already knows how to do it.
    He says it is peer tutoring at its finest.
  • Mr. Nicholas has discovered that cooperation and collaboration are
    critical components of success. He says that educators must prepare
    students to take their place in the world they will inherit and, in that
    world, the ability to collaborate is critical.


“While allowing his students room to experience and grow, Mr.
Nicholas maintains an amazing amount of order and organization. His
students gain a new appreciation for discipline and learn to meet
deadlines with great efficiency and promptness. They learn to work as a
team and help one another when needed. Each publication he advises is
carefully planned from start to finish, granting every person a job and a
responsibility all his own. By upholding such an organized staff, Mr.
Nicholas’s students learn more about reliability, order, and efficiency
than one can imagine.”

Kate Bolesta, Former Student

 “Mr. Nick’s industrious work ethic never fails to seep into the
habits of his students.  Because one of Mr. Nick’s many catch
phrases is ‘Make it first class or third, but never second,’ students
quickly realize they cannot cut corners because if something is worth
doing, it is worth making excellent.”

Lindsey O’Brien, Former Student