Leslie  Revis

Beaufort High School
Beaufort, South Carolina
Years in current position: 5
Total years as a classroom teacher: 28

Career Highlights

  • Leslie Revis has made her classes at Beaufort High School an asset to
    the community by offering the Beaufort High School Community Outreach
    Translating Service, which has become a valuable outreach for the
    surrounding area and a great learning experience for the students. This
    program has been honored with citations and news articles, and is used
    as a model by other high schools.

  • She developed an alternative and innovative competency-based
    curriculum in foreign language for the Peace Corps language programs in
    Belize, Jamaica, and Guatemala.

  • Revis says she meets her students with L.O.V.E. That is, she
    explains, she must “listen to their immediate needs (bathroom, nurse,
    etc.), observe their mood and energy as they enter my class, value their
    presence by genuinely exchanging greetings, and enjoy that they have
    come to my class today.” She describes her classroom management as
    H.E.A.R.T. “As my students and I journey through a unit, we use humor to
    get us through the ‘but I sound so funny’ language moments, while not
    compromising excellence. Personal excellence flourishes in a room of
    acceptance. I teach my students that responsible acceptance means
    working with both our gifts and limitations to understand how to
    achieve. My students must know at all times that we are in this

  • S.O.U.L. is the final component of her teaching philosophy. “My
    students and their parents can count on my support. Every year I place
    450 phone calls or more to students and parents. These connections are
    intended to outline my program and its goals. Communication, either by
    phone or during a conference, serves to uplift and support parent and
    student’s needs. By thoughtfully exchanging ideas, educational needs,
    implementation of techniques, and professional resources, a teacher
    becomes a powerful and valued link, insuring the grounds for Love,
    Heart, and Soul to take root in support of a student’s success.”

  • Revis has a “Homework Hotline” Monday through Sunday until 11 p.m.

  • When five Spanish classes at Beaufort High were left to finish the
    year under a long-term substitute, Revis added those five classes to her
    normal workload of six. She did so did so without additional pay and
    while six months pregnant.

    “She makes learning real for her students. They know that what they
    do in the classroom is important because it reaches beyond the
    classroom.” — Inez Tenenbaum, State Superintendent of Education

    “In my 30 years in the business of education, I can truly think of no
    one who would be a more articulate, authentic, and gracious
    representative of the teaching profession. If I could rub Aladdin’s
    lamp, one of my three wishes would be to turn back the years and give
    myself the gift of being a foreign language student in Leslie Revis’
    classroom.” — Calvin White, Sr., principal, Beaufort High School

    “Many teachers offer extra time and attention to some students, but
    with Leslie everything she does seems to help not only individual
    students but classes, the school, and the community, all at the same
    time.” — Elizabeth Chase, communications specialist, Beaufort High, and
    parent of former student

    “While breaking down local barriers and expanding opportunities for
    learning by her students in the real world, Leslie Revis has also been
    the epitome of the conscientious classroom teacher. She regularly calls
    parents to tell them about their child’s progress and to give
    encouragement. More than once I have seen my own daughter helped through
    a rough time by this simple expression of concern and caring from a
    respected teacher.” — Dr. Joseph Floyd, school board member and parent
    of a student

    “Every day a sense of power encompasses me when I walk into Spanish
    class. This is the power of knowledge. Not a minute is wasted, for we
    students are always seeking information and applying it to our lives.
    Mrs. Revis emphasizes that we will always be students, that we will
    always have the ability and the gift to learn something new every day.”
    — Rebecca Ann Daubert, Beaufort High student



University of San Diego

Teaching Experience


9-12, Spanish, Instructor Lead Teacher, Foreign Language, Beaufort
County Schools; Coordinator, International Baccalaureate Community
Action and Service; Director, Beaufort High School Community Outreach
Translating Service


Sixth-grade, Spanish Immersion programs for math and science, Fairfax County Schools


D.C. Heath & Co. (Paragraphics, Inc.), curriculum designer for bilingual education library series


Peace Corps, Washington, language curriculum design consultant and trainer for Belize and Jamaica, staff trainer


Peace Corps, Guatemala, language coordinator, trainer, and curriculum designer, staff trainer


Warren Wilson College, Head, International Studies Department/Spanish Instructor

1982-87, and 1990

K-12, Spanish Teacher, Asheville Country Day School/Carolina Day School


9-12, GED Trainer in language arts and math, Buncombe County School District


7-12, Teacher for Middle and High School curriculum, Rainbow Woods Private School


9-12, Spanish Teacher, Grossmont Unified School District


9-12, Spanish/French Teacher, San Diego Unified School District

Special Recognition


Disney’s National American Teacher Award for the Humanities


Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year


Honor Roll Teacher for the State of South Carolina


Showcase article “Inspirational Mentor, Leslie Revis,” University of San Diego President’s Report


Learn to Serve Award from the S.C. State Department of Education


Beaufort County Teacher of the Year Award


Beaufort High School Teacher of the Year Award


Beaufort High School April Teacher of the Month Award


Beaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority letter of service recognition