There are many things that made Linda Keck an amazing teacher.  Linda worked hard at making connections with students, building relationship with them even before they were in her classroom.  Her actions were marked by a genuine concern for the events in the lives of children.  In addition to the nurturing and caring environment she created, she worked diligently to provide exciting and relevant activities to help motivate her students.  She had fun teaching so that students would have fun learning.

Linda’s concern for her students never stopped at their academic achievements.  She cared deeply about students’ lives outside of her classroom.  When there were students unable to give birthday treats to classmates, Linda lovingly provided them.  When a school supplies were low, Linda always had extra pencils and paper.  She did all these things without a desire for recognition.  She put her student’s needs first and made sure they were cared for.  Linda was an overall great teacher who has inspired many students over her career.