For her outstanding contributions as an art and communications teacher, Linda is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Shelia Ray, A. Elwin Powell, Sister Camillus Bayer, Truman and Mary Lou Hayes, Maxine and Gary Yocker, and Vivian Fleming of Kansas.

From kindergarten up until eighth grade, Miss Cookson was always one of my favorite teachers.  There are too many reasons why and so many great memories, but I will try to do my best.  Every year during Christmas time my grandma and I would make chocolate candy to take to Miss Cookson.  It just would not have felt like Christmas without this ritual.  Many of the things we learned in art class I still remember today.  She always made sure we knew that whatever we made was perfect as long as we tried.  She always encouraged us to give it our all. – Shawna Howard

She is not only a teacher, she is a friend. – Steven Vincent

I was a slow reader, but Miss Cookson understood.  There are no words to explain her. – Terri McDonald

She was always there to lift someone’s spirits if they were down, and she always believed in you no matter what.  Miss Cookson always had time for her students even if it meant taking time out of her schedule.  If there was one person that I could count on to help someone in need, it would be the one and only Miss Cookson. – Bobby McClelland

Miss Cookson is my favorite teacher because she relates things to real life.  She pays attention to what her students have to tell her, and she treats all of the equally.  When someone makes the wrong decision, she gives the right discipline.  I think Miss Linda Cookson is a very well educated and responsible teacher. – Marlana Dawn McCullough

Many teachers have tried to jam what I thought was useless knowledge into my brain.  Miss Cookson is the one who has changed my life the most.  She taught me things that will be useful in life for as long as I live. – Fred Britain

Miss Cookson believes in the word fair, everything she does with students and others is fair.  Everyday I think why does she want to teach in such a a little town like Americus and teach some uneducated teenagers? Well, the answer is that Miss Cookson not only teaches, but also talks to us as personal friends. – Allison Spain

Miss Cookson has had a very interesting life and she is qualified to do a number of jobs, but she remains content to stay here in Americus, teaching disobedient teenagers, their nouns and verbs.  One thing everyone has to agree on about Miss Cookson is: she treats you like a person, not just another student.  When we have problems and frustrations, we can all go talk to her anytime because she’ll always listen.  She’s friendly, approachable, talkative, and she has a great sense of humor. – Heather D. Altis

To put it plain and simple, Miss Linda Cookson is a great teacher. – Ryan Lee Kellison