Linda P. Evanchyk

English and Journalism, Grades 9-12, Choctawhatchee High School Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Total years as a classroom teacher: 31


1993 University of West Florida M.A., Communications
1979 University of West Florida B.A., Communications

Teaching Experience


Fourth grade part time reading program, Feeder Elementary School, Choctawhatchee, Florida


9-12, Choctaw Academy Night School, Choctawhatchee, Florida


Grades 9-12, Choctawhatchee High School, English and Journalism, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida


Grades 10-12, Raines High School, English and Journalism, Jacksonville, Florida

1979-Present School Summer Program, Raines High School, Jacksonville, Florida; Choctawhatchee High School, Choctawhatchee, Florida

Special Recognition

2009 & 1995

State of Florida Journalism Teacher of the Year


Quill & Scroll George Gallup Award


National Education Association Literacy Leadership Award


National Board Certification in AYA Language Arts


Named to Florida Journalism Teachers Gold Medallion Hall of Fame


Okaloosa County District Teacher of the Year

  • Ms. Evanchyk believes the good teachers should challenge their
    students. She does this by challenging them to take leadership roles
    that will give them more responsibility and will call on them to take on
    a different set of skills. 
  • Ms. Evanchyk believes that accountability isn’t a judgment from
    outside sources nor an accusation that someone isn’t doing a good job.
    She tries to take an active approach to finding her own ways of
    accountability. “Ultimately, the greatest accountability comes from when
    a teacher regularly reflects on his or her practices and continues to
    eliminate those practices which no longer work, those which need to be
    updated, and add new practices which will lead to student achievement.


“Ms. Evanchyk doesn’t follow the conventional rules of
teaching. She is far less concerned with the educational gibberish and
much more committed to creating experiences that leave indelible,
positive impressions. She presides with aplomb-nudging here, offering a
correction there, pushing out the boundaries of what students thought
they could do.”

Senator Don Gaetz, Parent of former student

“Ms. Evanchyk is the classic example in our profession of dedication
and inspiration. I know the reason she teaches is because she has a
genuine calling and dedication to this profession. Few in our education
community can match her energy, hours, or vision for the curriculum and
the programs that she has initiated in her school and district. She is
the standard setter when it comes to scholastic journalism.”

Nancy Huerkamp, Colleague