Emporia, Kansas, is a city of approximately 28,000 and growing. It is a regional hub for industry, transportation, agriculture, education, outdoor recreation, and tourism. It is the seat of Lyon County and is the largest city within a seven-county region, serving a trade population of over 65,000. Four major highways – Interstate 35, the Kansas Turnpike, U.S. 50, and Kansas 99 – intersect in Emporia, making it a short drive from Kansas City, Wichita, and Topeka.

Emporia’s continuing stature as a center of learning is evident in its two libraries, nine public schools, a school of nursing, a technical college, a Board of Regents university, and The National Teachers Hall of Fame.

Emporia is the “Front Porch to the Flint Hills.” The new Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is in the heart of the Flinthills of Kansas, just 18 miles west of Emporia. Our community proudly maintains its small-town charm: many Victorian homes, tree-lined avenues, brick streets, and welcoming front porches reminder us of our heritage. We offer visitors the conveniences of a big city with the character of a small, mid-western town. However, it’s not just what we have that makes us proud; it’s who we are. We are friendly folks who hope to make you feel at home in Emporia, Kansas.




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