For her outstanding contributions as a teacher, Lois is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Gloria Hastings of Emporia, Kansas.

According to Gloria:

“What are the factors that made Louise Wright a caring and effective teacher? Louise gives much of the credit to her parents. Born August 22, 1936, in Humboldt, Kansas, to Hilda and Billy Feeney, Rose Louise had the privilege of a happy childhood centered on home, church, and school. As a preschooler, Louise loved spending her day visiting. “Poor mother could never keep me home,” she recalls. She especially enjoyed visiting the nun housekeeper who lived in an apartment above the nearby Catholic school. The nun housekeeper would read to Louise and let her help with small duties. From these visits, Louise learned to enjoy and respect older people, a quality which she strives to instill in her own students.

Her father was a major influence in her life. Louise admits to being a “Daddy’s girl.” Since Louise and her older sister, Charlotte, were the only children in the family, Louise felt that she had to “make up” for her father’s lack of a son. She speaks admiringly of her father: “He was the Chief of Police in our town. He always taught me to respect the law and be kind to everyone.” Louise remembers that her father would often bring boys who had gotten in trouble to the Feeney home and have them work in the garden. “He always saw the good in people, not the bad.” Louise comments, “I guess that is where I learned that everyone has some good inside.”

Louise’s husband, Farley, has been her biggest supporter of her career as a teacher. He helped with countless bulletin boards and never minded the many hours she spent on schoolwork at home. She is very proud of her children, Ray and Penni, and has a great level of admiration for their attainment of college degrees. As she enjoyed being a part of their activities, she will now enjoy her grandchildren.

Commitment is truly a word that describes Louise Wright—committed to her students, her school, her community, and her family. She handles the challenge of this commitment with unfailing good humor and energy. Surely, Louise’s father would be proud of his girl who has put her energies and talents into being the best person possible.”

Louise taught elementary school for thirty-six years in Iola, Lawrence, and Emporia, Kansas.