For her outstanding contributions as a seventh and eighth grade teacher, Lydia is recognized on the Donor’s Wall of Fame by USD372 Junior High Student Council of Silver Lake, Kansas.

Kansas teachers today strive to help their students achieve exemplary goals in the classroom.  It is through hard work and dedication that some schools reach these goals.  Lydia Gilliland has led her district, USD372, Silver Lake, by being an “exemplary teacher.”  For example, recently, Mrs. Gilliland guided her students through the initiation of a new computer-directed math program.  Students achieved their goals because of her constant one-to-one guidance with their designated objectives.  When it became obvious that some students might need more than the classroom could provide, Mrs. Gilliland opened her room up for tutorial purposes at 7:15 every morning.  Typically, students and parents were eager to have her assistance.

Since she was hired thirty-two years ago to teach math in the Silver Lake Schools, Lydia Gilliland has filled various positions through her contract duties including pep club, sponsor and junior high play director, but it is Mrs. Gilliland’s zeal for volunteering that makes her an outstanding professional.  She has volunteered through the years for the PDC committee, the Students-At-Risk team, Elementary-Junior High Buddies program, and has single-handedly engineered the Faculty Flower Fund.  She has held welcome receptions for new students, supervised both the preschool-day activities for junior high students and the lunchroom, and lent a helping hand to administrators at Homecoming parades and end-of-school picnics.  She has organized field trips and sponsored Bingo nights with PTO.

In fact, there is little that Mrs. Gilliland has not done for her school district.  Is it any wonder that her colleagues and the community are saddened by her retirement and asking, “How are we going to survive without her?”