For her outstanding contributions as a secondary science teacher, Madge is recognized on the Donors’ Wall of Fame by Margaret Goldsmith of Emporia, Kansas.

Julia Madge Brown, or better known as “Miss Madge,” was truly a rare gem in the teaching profession.  It was with complete awe parents would watch the metamorphosis of their children as they came under her influence.  She would generate to the shy-confidence, to the outspoken-control, to the bully-caring, to the slow learner-ability, to the high achiever–challenge, to the troubled-security, and to everyone love.  Never did she tire in her efforts to search each pupil, find what he or she needed to make grow educationally as well as socially, and then provide it through creative teaching efforts.  Her laughter was like a bell eagerly drawing her students to her to undertake a new learning adventure.  

Special-yes, in every way imaginable! Each of us whose life was touched by “Miss Madge” had a unique and unforgettable blessing.

Madge Brown began her teaching career in a one room schoolhouse and taught for forty-six years.  She taught all grades and all subjects. Madge retired after teaching elementary music in Council Grove, Kansas.