Mark Weaver

Science, Grade 7, Clay Middle School Carmel, Indiana

Total years as a classroom teacher: 29


Butler University M.S. 1983
Butler University B.S. 1981

Teaching Experience

1982-Present Grade 7, Clay Middle School, Carmel, Indiana

Special Recognition

2009 Lilly Educator Fellowship Grant
2007 Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Recipient
2004 Sagamore of the Wabash, bestowed by Indiana Governor
2004 Kentucky Colonel (Honorary)
2004 Right Stuff Award, NASA/DELTA/Space Camp-Huntsville International
2004 State Teacher of the Year
2003 Disney Award
1997 National Educator Award (Milken)
1995 IPL Golden Apple Award
1984 United States Navy Teacher Recognition at Nuclear Training Center, Orlando, Florida


  • Mr. Weaver believes that hands-on, real-life experiences are ways in
    which students can learn. In the area of science, students should be
    actively involved in science and their own education. His students may
    receive background information by research or presentation and then they
    conduct their own research and then share their results in a variety of


  • Mr. Weaver believes that with clear expectations, encouragement,
    opportunities, and with mutually established trust, his relationship
    with his students is productive and grows, not only during the course of
    the school year, but for years to come.

Addressing [Mr. Weaver’s] classroom effectiveness can be simply
stated, ‘His teaching is outstanding.’ A stroll through Mark’s classroom
is an experience in itself. If you are looking for almost any
scientific artifact imaginable, my guess is, you will stumble across it
in Mr. Weaver’s classroom. His students are subject to an engaging and
wondrous adventure

Gary Huddleston, Principal

 “Mark’s teaching practices go above and beyond any teacher I
have ever met. He brings the science world into his classroom. When he
is teaching about seafloor spreading his classroom becomes the ocean
floor. It is dark and full of ocean sounds with mists of water all
around you. When he is teaching about the constellations you step back
in time and meet the Gods and Goddess who share with the students their
stories about why the constellations have the names they do. His
students leave his classroom with excitement and wonder. Many of them
return years later just to thank Mark for how he inspired them during
their time as his student

Tracy Krause, Colleague