Nancy  Berry

Columbia Elementary School
Logansport, Indiana
Total years in current position: 3
Total years as a classroom teacher: 23

Career Highlights

  • Nancy Berry dreamed of being a teacher from the time she was a little
    girl. She overcame much hardship as a child and credits teachers with
    helping her.

  • Superintendent Steven Kain in 1997 asked Nancy to accept the Columbia
    Elementary principal position even though she did not have her
    administrative certification. She accepted the job and obtained
    certification within a year. She keeps active in the classroom by
    teaching reading, creative writing, and science.

  • In 1989, the Bureau of Education and Research invited her to become a
    presenter. She made presentations in 46 states before giving up
    national speaking in 1992.

  • Berry has authored several educational materials and calls herself a
    “child advocate.” One of her guiding principles is that “behavior is
    like a shirt; it can be changed.”

  • Berry instills good character lessons into her Coded Discipline, an
    innovative management program that promotes dignity, imagination,
    self-discipline, and responsibility. “It stresses that we are in charge
    of our learning and behavior,” she explained. “It teaches and cultivates
    manners and values as being honest and living by the ‘Golden Rule.'”

“I have often said that I am a good teacher, but Nancy is gifted. I
believe that what she has is a special gift from God, and that she uses
that gift wisely. She has greatly enriched my life, the lives of my own
children, and the lives of hundreds of others. There are only a few
teachers like Nancy, and I feel very lucky to know her.” — Carol
Muehlhausen, teaching colleague

“Were I to name one person that truly emulates the art of teaching,
that person would be Nancy Berry. I only wish that each boy and girl in
America had the unique opportunity and blessing to have been in Mrs.
Berry’s class.” — William Tincher, Logansport School Board Trustee and
parent of former students

“What makes Nancy so unique is that she is a living testimony to the
power of teachers and their ability to change lives. And as a parent, I
cannot thank her enough for helping my children to become happy,
well-adjusted life-long learners. The magic, I came to learn, was not in
Nancy’s fon-nula for teaching. It was in Nancy herself.” — Debra
Rivard, parent of two former students

“Of all the reasons that Mrs. Nancy Berry is deserving of the
National Teachers Hall of Fame Award, the one that is most obvious is
her tireless dedication to the profession. Mrs. Berry’s day does not end
with the dismissal bell; it is the beginning of the days yet to search
for ways to improve and avenues to pursue in the teaching of the
children in her classroom.” — Bob Barrett, Supervisor, Franklin
Elementary School Principal

“Mrs. Nancy Berry is the person who has truly inspired me to become a
teacher. …I give Mrs. Berry most of the credit for my accomplishments
and I hope to follow in her footsteps as an outstanding person and
educator.” Brett Miller, former student



Indiana University at Kokomo, Bachelor of Science in elementary education


Indiana University at Indianapolis, Master of Science in elementary education


Purdue University and Indiana University at Indianapolis, 50 hours
past M.S. in areas: reading, science, gifted and special education


Purdue University, Certification in elementary education administration and supervision

Teaching Experience


Remedial summer school, Logansport Community School Corporation


Assistant education professor, Indiana University at Kokomo


First-grade teacher, Logansport Community School Corporation


Principal, Columbia Elementary K-5, Logansport, Indiana

Special Recognition


Disney’s American Teacher Awards, Early Childhood Cass


County’s Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Citizen


Indiana University (Kokomo) Distinguished Alumna Award


Central Indiana’s Teacher of the Week


The Shining Star Teaching Award of Indiana


The State of Indiana Wildlife Teacher of the Year


Cass County and State of Indiana’s Outstanding Environmental and Conservation Educator of the Year


Cass County and State of Indiana’s Outstanding Environmental and Conservation Educator of the Year


Education’s Pillar of the Logansport Community School Corporation


Cass County’s Celebrate Literacy Award (Indiana Reading Association)


State of Indiana Department of Education Network of Outstanding Teachers in Elementary Science and Mathematics


Cass County and Indiana State’s Outstanding Young Educator