Each year, through a rigorous nomination process, the National Education Association selects the ESP of the Year to serve as an ambassador and to share stories about education support professionals throughout the country.

2017  marks the inaugural year for The National Teachers Hall of Fame to honor the NEA ESP of the Year with a plaque at the announcement ceremony and a year-long display in the NTHF Museum in Emporia Kansas.  Each year, the five inductees into the Hall of Fame will host the ESP of the Year in Washington DC and Emporia, Kansas, for induction ceremonies.

Education Support Professionals work hand-in-hand with teachers and administrators to make sure that every child is engaged, inspired, encouraged, and motivated by caring adults in our nation’s schools.  The first educators to see a child each day is often the school bus driver or the cafeteria workers or the attendance clerk… each making sure that day starts right so that learning can occur.

1992   Peggy Bertollo, Delaware
1993   Doris Dortch, Alabama
1994   Eddie Middleton, Louisiana
1995   Iona Hollway, Louisiana
1996   Evelyn Foster, North Carolina
1997   Karen Mahurin, Alaska
1998   Carter Foshee, Oklahoma
1999   Gail Rasmussen, Oregon
2000   Richard Malizia, New Jersey
2001   Irma Valdesino, New Mexico
2002   Joann Falk, Colorado
2003   Martin F. Meyer, Idaho
2004   Allyson “Sunny” Story, Iowa
2005   Kathleen Lange, Illinois
2006   Nancy Toombs, Kentucky
2007   Veronica Henderson, Maryland
2008   Laura Vernon, Wisconsin
2009   Kathie Axtell, Washington
2010   Helen Cottongim, Kentucky
2011   Jameel Williams, North Carolina
2012   Judy Near, Colorado
2013   Donna Schulze, Maryland
2014   Paula Monroe, California
2015  Janet Eberhardt, California
2016  Doreen McGuire-Grigg, California
2017 Saul Ramos, Massachusetts
2018 Sherry Shaw, Alaska

2019 Matthew Powell