Each year, five outstanding teachers are inducted after a rigorous nomination/ application process.

How to Nominate for Induction

Nominations for the class of 2020 are now open. 2020 Applications are available below. Take some time to start the nomination process now.

Click to view and print a nomination form. 2020 Application 

How Teachers Become Nominees

Anyone can nominate an educator. Self-nominations are encouraged and welcomed. Each nominee must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum of twenty (20) years of full-time pre-K-12 teaching experience
  • Hold or have held a valid teaching certificate or license from the state in which (s)he is teaching or has taught
  • Hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Be living and able to attend the induction ceremonies in May in Washington DC and June in Emporia, Kansas
  • Submit the complete official nomination packet (obtainable online at www.nthf.org or by calling 1-800-96-TEACH) by the January 12, 2016, postmark deadline or January 14th electronic submission deadline.

How Nominees Become Inductees

  • The local screening committee will examine each submission packet to determine eligibility and adherence to criteria.
  • Nominees will be advised that materials have been received and requests will be made for any missing items in the packet.
  • The screening committee will narrow the submission list to twenty or twenty-five semi-finalists, who will be notified to submit a 3-minute DVD of pre-determined content and a photo of themselves to be forwarded to the National Selection Committee.
  • Nomination packets of the semi-finalists will be sent to the members of the National Selection Committee in late January, with the request to read all of the materials prior to the face-to face meeting in February.
  • The National Selection Committee, consisting of representatives from educational organizations, corporate sponsors, and former inductees, will meet in late February of each year to discuss the semi-finalists, watch the DVD presentations, and determine the top ten finalists and the final five inductees for the year.
  • Announcement of the inductees will all occur on one day in late March/ early April at surprise assemblies in the inductees’ schools or communities. This will be the official notification of selection as an inductee. Finalists will be notified of their status on that same day.
  • Inductees will be honored in Washington DC, in May at the headquarters of the National Education Association and inducted during the second week of June in Emporia, Kansas. (Please check Calendar Information Page for this years dates.)

How Inductees Represent The NTHF

Following the induction, members of The National Teachers Hall of Fame continue in their current endeavors and serve students and the field of education by becoming lifelong ambassadors. Being an ambassador of the NTHF includes participating in webinars, workshops and in a speaker’s bureau, as well as representing and marketing the NTHF through public appearances and educational endeavors.