How Can My Gift Help Recognizing career teachers and outstanding educators motivates other teachers and educators, inspires young adults to consider a career in education, and honors those who have positively influenced the lives of students. Elevating the teaching profession encourages active teachers to remain in teaching, presents young people with a career option, and… Continue reading

Language Arts/Study Skills/Alternative Education, 9-12 Auburn Riverside High School, Auburn, Washington Total years as a classroom teacher: 25 Education 1983 San Francisco State University M.A. Special Education 1976 University of California, Davis B.A. English Teaching Experience 1995-present Grades 9-12, Language Arts/Study Skills/Alternative Education, Auburn Riverside High School, Auburn, Washington 1992-present Adult Education/Special Education/English, The Heritage Institute, Clinton,… Continue reading

Miami, Florida Retired Total years as a classroom teacher: 35 Career Highlights Kempler wrote that ‘Life is a huge relay race, I am alive and carrying the baton now. The future depends on me as surely as my generation depended on our teachers and their teachers and their teachers.’ Kempler and others began MicroBusiness USA… Continue reading

Astronomy, Physics, Engineering, Robotics, Grades 10-12, A. Linwood Holton Governor’s School, Abingdon, Virginia Total years as a classroom teacher: 39 Education 1997 East Tennessee State University          Ed.D., Education 1989 Marshall University M.A., Physical Science 1973 Marshall University M.S., Secondary School Administration 1969 Concord College B.S., Biology and Science Education Teaching Experience 1998-Present Grades 10-12, Physics,… Continue reading

Caldwell County High School Princeton, Kentucky 9th and 10th grade biology teacher/chairman of science department Total years as classroom teacher: 48 Dale Faughn has directed science fairs, literary fairs, and world culture days, and was instrumental in organizing the Western Kentucky Academic Association. He has served as debate coach, advisor to the school newspaper that… Continue reading